Winter Skin Care Routine

November 12, 2014

It’s that time of year again when you dread taking off your pjs to get into the shower in the morning because it’s just so COLD, every inch of your body is now covered at work minus your hands and face because some strange people still want the air con on and the risk of getting pissed on by the rain increases every time you step out of your car. In fairness, we’ve done okay up until now, October was pretty delightful weather-wise and it’s only just becoming time to tuck the leather jacket away and bring out the coat/buy a new one (nawty). Anyway, one thing that does need a bit of extra care in the winter is your skin. The harsh, bitter winds love to dry it out and going to and from hot and cold temperatures can generally confuse your poor lil face. Here are a few tips to keep your skin looking lovelyyyy in general and espesh in winter.

  • BIN your make up wipes
    If you’re still using make up wipes then whyyyy? They don’t actually clean your face, they wipe a bit of your make up off then just swish all the dirt around. Yum. They also dry out skin and contain some dodgy ingredients. To properly clean your face and get your make up off you’ll need warm water and a cleanser. Even just warm water and soap is better than wipes but buying cleansers is fun!
    I’m completely in love with everything Kiehl’s does but the cleanser I’ve been using recently is the ‘Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash’ You only need about half a pump and it foams up like an absolute dream. Once you’ve rinsed your face will feel like the freshest, cleanest fizog in all the land.
  • Tone it up
    Up until recently, I thought of using a toner as a bit pointless. I always thought it was a myth that it actually did anything positive for your skin but it does and the Kiehl’s ‘Cucumber Alcohol-Free Toner’ is delish. Although your face will already be as clean as a whis after cleansing, using the toner after just makes it extra, super clean and soft. Toning will close the pores too meaning you’re less likely to have a break out, praise the lord.
  • Don’t exfoliate
    Contrary to popular belief, if you are prone to a break out, exfoliating will only break the skin and cause more of a spread. Instead, invest in a ‘peel’ which will ‘exfoliate’ the skin and get rid of dead skin cells without needing to scrub it. The Kiehl’s ‘Over Night Biological Peel’ is a good option and will help to reduce the appearance of pores too.
  • Protect ya pout
    There is nothing worse than dry lips is there? They look grim and feel horrid yet they often get forgotten about during the winter. When it gets chilly carry a nourishing lip balm around with you. If you tend to suffer quite badly in the cold weather try the ‘Blistex MedPlus Repairing Lip Balm’. Or try ‘EOS’ lip balms, they come in some amazing flavours and look just like little dinosaur eggs.
  • Drink more
    Water that is. Even though all you want when it’s freezing is a cuppa tea or coffee your skin will thank you if you drink more water.
  • Moisturise
    Swap your light summer cream for a thicker, more nourishing moisturiser or even better, an oil. When your face is struggling with the weather it needs something to lock in the moisture and over night is the best time to do this. Yes I’m going to recommend a Kiehl’s one again, soz. Their ‘Midnight Recovery Concentrate’ will make you feel like you’ve just had a spa facial and the smell sends you to sleep feeling calm and tranquil. Oh and 99.8% of the ingredients are naturally derived. Dreamyyyyyy. If you want a slightly cheaper option, the Body Shop face ‘beautifying’ oils are also a real treat for the skin! I lalalalove the ‘Shea Beautifying Oil’ and you can put it on your hair and bod too.
    What are the skin care rules you swear by? Lemme know in the comments below!

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    Well for us guys…???
    Well I don’t even use soap so certainly not gonna put all that splosh on my beauty looks. Could do with a good shower gell though, like coconut..any ideas?

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