Weekday lunch inspiration

September 10, 2015

The amount of times I’ve Googled ‘healthy exciting work lunches’ or ‘yummy healthy quick weekday lunch inspiration’ is actually silly. I’m always after ideas on what to make for my lunch as if I’m not organised, I end up spending almost¬£10 a day on costa/salads/snacks and it just gets ridiculous (plus if you work in London I bet you end up spending more than that).

Of course, buying your lunch on impulse on the day, when your tummy has probably been rumbling since 10am, will mean you’re more likely to go for something unhealthy which will then leave you falling asleep at your desk by 3pm. Nightmare.

So, since I couldn’t find much inspiration on Google for my lunches, I decided to create my own post with some weekday lunch inspiration which should hopefully give you the tips on creating cheap, yummy lunches!

weekday lunch inspiration

Invest in some cool Tupperware
If you don’t love Tupperware, umm, what do you do with your time? I got a super little pot which is kind of jar shaped from TIGER (not on the website but I urge you to visit a store!!) and it is just ideal for layering up your favourite salad.

You get a little pot for the dressing and you get a fork which means no having to double wash a manky old fork from work. My favourite salad variations are – lots of leaves, spinach, lettuce, whatever you like, tomatoes, cucumber, some prawns or flaked salmon (M&S do a dream honey smoked salmon), some nuts/seeds and maybe a toasted brown pita bread on the side. For the dressing opt for some balsamic vinegar or some kind of lemon and ginger concoction – simple and YUM.

Preparation is KEY
Like I said, if I’m not organised with my lunches I just end up buying the wholeee of Tesco on my break. Plan your lunches for the week, go to the supermarket and cook what needs to be cooked on a Sunday so you have a bulk of supplies to last you. Cook up some quinoa, brown rice or brown pasta and keep it in the fridge for when you want to put your lunches together. Cook some sweet potatoes, carrots,¬† broccoli the night before, so you can make a tabbouleh type dish which is filled with nutrients (you can also heat this up for a warm hearty dish as we reach the colder months.)

Another thing you can do on a Sunday is cook some soup! A lot of shop bought soups are high in salt and sugar which is just not ideal so chuck all your favourite ingredients in a blender and store in the fridge (could even freeze these so they last even longer) then just pour it into a pot and heat at work. How cosy.

Keep some healthy snacks at your desk
If you’re trying to be more healthy, then definitely don’t keep anything remotely tempting at your desk. Fill your draw with yummy, healthy snacks so you won’t feel bad about picking if you get peckish mid-morning/afternoon. I love propercorn’s tomato and Worcester sauce popcorn as it feels like a treat but it’s actually not bad for you at all.

Subscribing to Graze box is a concrete way to make sure you don’t snack on junk. You can tailor your boxes to suit you, whether you want sweet/savoury or even breakfast boxes, they have it all and you can also give feedback on the snacks you liked and the ones you don’t want to receive again. Personalised snacks right to your desk – perfection.

Stick to recipes from super healthy (but fun) cookbooks
If you plan all your lunches around your favourite healthy recipe book then you can’t go wrong. My personal favourites, which I’m sure you’ve heard me harp on about before, are Deliciously Ella, Madeleine Shaw and Hemsley + Hemsley. They all swear by natural, whole foods that are actually tasty and filling and they’re ideal for when you’re lacking inspiration.

weekday lunch inspiration

Cook this
This sweet potato, courgette and quinoa pie is a pure, veggie delight. It’s warming, nutty and delicious and you can make it for dinner then eat the leftovers for lunch (I would recommend re-heating it the next day, it tastes better warm!)

I hope these little tips have got you thinking about how you can steer away from your every day ham sandwich or your Tesco meal deal! Let me know what you thought and if you try my veggie pie!

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