Wake up tired looking skin

September 7, 2015

So you’ve had a busy weekend – rushing around, seeing friends, eating and drinking what you like, maybe not bothering with your usual skin care routine (or using the devil that are make up wipes). Then it gets to Sunday morning and you realise your skin is really suffering. It’s dry and dull looking and you feel like you have actual proper wrinkles. Eurgh.

If this sounds like you and you want to fix it quick then try these steps to wake up tired looking skin.

If you were drinking more Prosecco than water over the weekend then you don’t need me to tell you that your skins not going to be feeling its best!
Get yourself a litre sized bottle so you can keep track of how much you’re drinking throughout the day and don’t abandon the bottle at weekends. Try to fill up your bottle at least twice throughout the day to get everything more hydrated asap. I really notice a difference in my skin when I’m drinking more so it’s really worth sticking with even if you do start off needing a wee every half hour (your body will get used to it!)

Indulge in cleansing
So it’s sunday night and your skin has been hating on you all day, your make up hasn’t sat right and you know it’s your busy, skin neglecting weekend that’s to blame. When you take your make up off (the right way this time) really indulge in making your skin clean. Work your favourite cleanser into your skin for longer than usual, make sure all that make up is properly off then rinse with a warm flannel. It will feel better already, heavenly. 

LUSH Oatifix face mask
What’s more perfect than a face mask on a sunday night? If your skin is feeling dry, then the Lush Oatifix face mask is a real treat. It contains oats of course, vanilla, banana and loads of other yummy stuff that all smells incredible. It might be messy to apply but it also brightens and exfoliates giving you a fresh glow once you’ve washed it off. All the natural goodness of those ingredients will get your face feeling back to normal in no time!

wake up tired looking skin

The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser
I swear by this stuff as my everyday moisturiser and it’s an absolute life saver if you feel yourself going through a dry stage. It’s thick and silky and just a dream to apply to clean skin. And of course vitamin E is just what your skin needs if it’s dull and dry.

I hope these tips have helped you wake up tired looking skin, I love this routine when I’ve been a bit lazy with my skincare it make me feel revived and clean, ready for a productive week ahead! 

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