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12 thoughts we all have on a Monday

November 23, 2015

Don’t you think Monday’s seem to be creeping around more and more quickly each week? Much to my disapproval, one minute you’re wiggling and jiggling at your desk because it’s 4pm on a Friday, you spend your weekend catching up on daylight and the next thing you know it’s Sunday evening and you’re setting your alarm for vom o’clock Monday morning. Not cool.

Anyway, here are a couple of thoughts we all have on a Monday!

  1. Do I really need a job? I could walk puppies for a living or look after bunnies or take a sabbatical like One Direction!
  2. Why can’t we start at 11am on a Monday?
  3. If I was a mum I could work only 4 days a week or go home at 3pm!… Nope, still not worth it just yet.
  4. Who invented 5 days of work and 2 days off anyway? It was that Henry Ford wasn’t it? Little shit.
  5. Why are people talking to me before 12pm?
  6. What if I was to go to work in my onesie? I know what I need, an invisibility onesie, then I could wear no make up too! #cosy
  7. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad…oh no I forgot I have 4 more days of this…
  8. I should’ve been a popstar or a famous YouTuber.
  9. Is it time for lunch yet or even a snack? Feels like I’ve been here for ages. Oh wait, it’s 9.10am.
  10. If I take my lunch at 2.30pm I’ll only have an hour and a half until home time after lunch!
  11. Would it be frowned upon to take a short nap under my desk?
  12. My bed is so warm. I’ll call in sick… hang on a minute, I struggle calling in sick when I’m actually sick. Damn my honest soul 🙁

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and all future Mondays!!

thoughts we all have on a monday

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