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29 simple things that create instant happiness

November 18, 2015

When the world gets too much, go back to basics. Remember the simple things that create instant happiness, like a warming glass of wine or that video of a bulldog skateboarding.

Things that create instant happiness

  1. Pizza – Homemade or a takeaway, sometimes you just need to sack the quinoa off for a super scrumptious pizza which will make your heart happy.
  2. Discovering old songs by McFly, The Script, Stacie Orrico, JoJo and MANY more on an old Spotify playlist – Nostalgic tingles all round!
  3. That old, very good friend who pops up when you need them…– And you hadn’t even realised how much you’d missed them.
  4. That person who runs after you to hand you your phone because you left it in Costa – Yes this happened to me this week. Enjoy your well deserved good karma you honest angel.
  5. When something so specific happens to change a bad day and you’re sure someone is looking down on you.
  6. Being so embarrassingly silly with someone you literally can’t breathe and don’t care that you look like a fool in public.
  7. That ridiculously priced item you’ve been lusting after is reduced, thus making it no longer ridiculously priced and totally acceptable to buy – Kate Spade notebook, you are mine, welcome to your new home.
  8. Yoga will pretty much always, instantly calm you and take your mind somewhere else – *Books up classes for the next 12 years*
  9. Meeting a brand new human who you just click with – There are people like me and maybe I won’t be a lone wolf forever #friends 🙂
  10. Finding a really great blog/Youtube channel and indulging in alllll of the contentHannah Gale, I’m looking at you.
  11. A random, unexpected day off – It doesn’t really happen when you’re an adult but just remembering those days is enough to warm the soul.
  12. When someone compliments you and you realise they must think you’re preeeetty cool – E.g. When they associate you with a brand like Reiss or The White Company #winner
  13. Designer outlet villages – A current season Karen Millen dress for £85 reduced from £180? OH GO ON THEN.
  14. Christmas drinks – Salted caramel cappuccino’s all Winter erry Winter.
  15. Wanting a Bobbi Brown lipstick in a specific colour, refraining from spending £25 on something you’ll probably lose, then finding the exact same colour for a fraction of the cost in KIKO.
  16. The warmest, cutest, fluffiest jumper and it’s only £10 in the H&M sale – Winter, I’m ready for you.
  17. Remember THIS Do ya? Do ya?!
  18. When you’ve been really healthy all day and you just want a hearty, warming dinner so you make the executive decision to have sausage and mash for dinner with veggies and gravy – You really do deserve it.
  19. A stranger being SO thankful because you let them out/picked something up for them/helped them in some way – It was no big deal but naww you cute.
  20. Getting so lost in an amazing book that you totally forget what year it is/that you have to be up at 6am.
  21. Thinking you’re old but still being the youngest person on your team at work…
  22. But also still being old enough to be taken seriously, you successful, independent gal.
  23. When getting your winged eyeliner absolutely on point becomes quite a regular thing – Is this what it feels like to really make it!?
  24. Your nail varnish hasn’t chipped in almost a week and it’s not even gel.
  25. Achieving something you’ve been practicing like that yoga pose or another 10 minutes of running and not even feeling exhausted by it.
  26. Discovering your new favourite snack is only 93kcals – All your snacking woes are gone thanks to Propercorn.
  27. Getting home to an extra needy but very happy dog who won’t leave you alone – Annoying to some, heaven to others and they might just want feeding but you do not mind being used.
  28. Everyone you love being all together in one place doing something really fun – probably getting drunk on a Sunday even though you know you’ll have a headache for work on Monday. Living in the moment, soz.
  29. Recognising your life’s achievements – Looking back and realising/admitting to yourself how cool something you did was.

It’s the little things!

things that create instant happiness

things that create instant happiness

things that create instant happiness

Are these things that create instant happiness for you? If not, let me know what does in the comments below!

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  • Reply Joyce hampton November 18, 2016 at 4:54 pm

    Lizzie you should do the blogs more often….I read every word……and it has made me feel a little better after yet another day from help.
    You are truly an angel and a very lovely one at that xxxx

    • Reply lizzydrewett November 21, 2016 at 1:24 pm

      Aw thank you Joyce, that’s so lovely to hear! I am planning on getting back into it so I’m sure you’ll see more on Facebook! 🙂 lots of love xxxx

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