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The Worst Thing You Can Do When You’re Heartbroken

October 26, 2014

You’ve been with someone you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with for a while. You definitely have not imagined marrying that person, moving in with them or having kids with them, ahem… but you know you’ve never been happier than when you’re with this person and there’s no feeling like it.

One problem is, this person goes and breaks your heart. When you think everything is perfect they literally snatch your happiness away from you. Small piece of advice – if poss, prior to this, try not to depend on the person you fall in love with for all of your happiness, it’ll make getting over them a bit easier (however that is probs easier said than done.)

Anyway, you get your heart broken etc, you’re feeling v lonely, needy, all the rest of it, now what’s the worst thing you could go and do?

It’s get into a rebound relationship that’s what.

Your instant reaction will probably be to go and make the next person you meet your bf/gf because you need reassuring that someone does want to be with you and you are good at relationships. You will also miss having someone to go out for dinner with/watch box sets with, of course.

For your own sanity, you need to be on your own probably for a long while, you aren’t over this person so you can’t just replace them with any old Tom, Dick or Harriet. Doing this will only make you resent them in time. It might be fun at the start and it might help to take your mind off of your broken heart but before long you’ll be comparing the new to the old and they just won’t match up. You’ll be pissed off that this person isn’t who you really want and even if they’re the most amazing person ever and you know that, they just aren’t for you right now.

Not to mention that this new person is probably feeling how you felt with the last and you’re only going to break their heart when you’re ready to be on your own. And let’s not forget breaking someone else’s heart is almost as painful as having your own broken. You will probably try and drag out/avoid the break up as you know it’s going to hurt them. You’ll stay with them a while longer because there’s a birthday coming up or it’s christmas but eventually their fate will be the same. There will never be a right time. It becomes a cycle of heartbroken people rebounding and creating more heartbroken people who will then rebound and break some more hearts. Zero percent fun.

Until you meet someone who knocks ya socks off, enjoy being on your own. Don’t be with someone because you’re going through a needy phase, ride the wave and you’ll come out feeling way better. Settling for someone you aren’t completely crazy about is a waste of time.

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