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Meat Free Week – Why and what it’s all about

March 24, 2015

If you didn’t already know, this week (23rd-29th March) is meat free week. If you eat meat a lot and you’re wondering what this is all about then it might interest you to read the many benefits of cutting down your meat consumption.

I cut down on eating meat a lot a few months ago when I saw an article which exposed a few things about meat production that most people are unaware of from the impacts the volume of it has on the environment, to the treatment of the animals and what too much processed meat does to our health. I then did a bit more research, and found some things which shocked me. One of the things that really made me vom was that a lot of the chickens we get from supermarkets are injected with FAT and water to make them grow more quickly to create a higher volume of cheap ‘product’ to be sold. This means they grow sooo fast their legs are unable to support them so they collapse and die at six weeks old. By the time they’re on our shelves they have been so modified that it’s not the most ethical or appetising way to eat.
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