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11 signs you’re becoming an adult

May 8, 2015

1. You now have more responsibilities than you ever remember having
It’s not as fun as you had anticipated it to be back when you were in year 9. Who let me adult? I can’t adult.

2. Sometimes you don’t actually want an alcoholic drink
You can eat lunch at a restaurant without an accompanying glass of wine. Where have those uni days gone? You’ve changed.

3. You actually sort of enjoy cleaning/tidying and you have no idea why…
Because there’s nothing nicer than coming home to a tidy, dust free room with fresh pink roses on your window sill. Did you turn 65 over night? Possibly.

4. You think about the future more and it actually feels like it’s not that far away now
Gone are the days of saying ‘In a few years, when I’m a bit older I want to be working in/travelling/living here…’ those days are NOW. Scary.

5. You and your friends actually want to go somewhere a bit nicer on holidays these days
You’re done with going to tacky, party islands, you’ve all agreed you just want somewhere with a couple of really nice restaurants, a few bars (you’ll still be drinking too much) and a pool to relax around. Goodbye animal body paint and fishbowls.

6. Some people from your year at school are actually married with children
Whaaat?! You’ve still got a lot of money to waste on shoes before you start spending it on weddings and babies, soz. #priorities

7. People wearing your old secondary school uniform look about 4 years old
I didn’t know toddlers could go to secondary school? We definitely didn’t look that young in year 7, we were cool, looked older than our age and were fashionable weren’t we? 

8. You get nervous to check your emails and post makes you anxious
It’s either something from work or an annoying bit of post about money or bills. Why do I have to deal with these things?! I swear I was 15 just two days ago?

9. The working world is cruel unless you became a teacher
Weekends are just not long enough and you don’t get a random week or two off every few months, make that six weeks off in the summer. How is that fair?

10. Falling asleep at 10.30pm on a Friday night happens. More often than you’re willing to admit
You ate dinner, had a few glasses of wine, chilled out watching a film then fell asleep before Family Guy even had a chance to come on.

11. Some of the time you’re actually quite happy that this adult thing is happening
Entering adulthood opens a whole new load of new things for you to learn. School and uni are over and you’ve entered the working world (hopefully) in something you’ve worked hard for. You’re more than likely learning every day and are working towards progressing in your career. And if not, you’re at an age where you’ve still got time to work towards and wait for what you want rather than settling for any old job just to pay that mortgage of yours that ya don’t have! Yippeee!


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  • Reply DaveD May 9, 2015 at 12:03 am

    Haha, all so true.. Did make me laugh. I bet your mum n dad told you to make the most of your school years too, lol

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