Life and lists

Things I achieved and didn’t achieve in 2015

Ahhh it’s properly Christmas and I’ve been looking back over 2015 a little bit. Thinking about the things I wanted to achieve at the end of last year and whether or not I did! I do feel like 2015 was the first year I…

December 24, 2015
Life and lists

A Christmas Gift Guide for HIM!

Welcome to my Christmas gift guide for him! Whether he’s your dad, your brother or your boyfriend, it’s no secret that men can be difficult to buy for… If you don’t fancy getting your dad another pair of socks this Christmas or your boyfriend another…

December 1, 2015
Life and lists

12 thoughts we all have on a Monday

Don’t you think Monday’s seem to be creeping around more and more quickly each week? Much to my disapproval, one minute you’re wiggling and jiggling at your desk because it’s 4pm on a Friday, you spend your weekend catching up on daylight and the next…

November 23, 2015
Life and lists

29 simple things that create instant happiness

When the world gets too much, go back to basics. Remember the simple things that create instant happiness, like a warming glass of wine or that video of a bulldog skateboarding. Things that create instant happiness Pizza – Homemade or a takeaway, sometimes you just need to sack the…

November 18, 2015

Beauty Favourites for Autumn/Winter

So as you may know, it was my birthday recently and I got a couple of rather great make up/beauty products that I’ve absolutely been loving sooo I thought I would share them with you in my Autumn/Winter beauty favourites! Autumn/Winter Beauty Favourites Jimmy Choo Perfume…

November 9, 2015
Life and lists

Turning 23 and being very lucky

Hello and a happy Monday. As I write happy Monday I’m actually having a very sleepy, grumpy Monday. Mainly because I had a weekend full of birthday celebrations and I’m sooo tired/sad my birthday is over. Anyway, on Friday I turned 23 and I’m…

November 2, 2015
Life and lists

Poll: What do you love reading about most?

Well helloooo, and happy Monday. Now I’m blogging much more regularly (2 times a week actually, FYI, thank ya very much), I thought it was important to get some feedback from you guys and find out what you love reading about most and what you…

September 21, 2015