Meet The New Mulberry Collection You’re About To Fall In Love With…

February 24, 2015

Because Mulberry bags (as well as diamonds obv) are a girl’s best friend and this might just be the most exciting collection yet!

The Delphie Collection is made up of bags and clutches which are that gorgeous, mid-size, rectangular shape with either a chain or shoulder strap. They come in some wondrous Spring colours which will not only brighten up your wardrobe, but will also give you some reassurance that Spring/Summer isn’t so far off! Hurrah! 

And there’s more than meets the eye… Not only are these lush shoulder bags made of that standard Mulb, amazing quality leather but they’re also reversible. Pardon? I hear you say, yes that’s right. This little blue number above actually becomes a dark midnight blue colour when you open the flap and wrap it round the other way, instantly taking you from day to night. GENIUS!

There are a load of other colours and textures too. Take this chamomile ostrich bag above, when reversed it becomes cream. How much more prepared for Spring could you be? #ArmCandy

If you’re ready to become obsessed with The Delphie, take a look at the whole collection here

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