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How to make September your best month yet

September 1, 2015

I may not be at school or uni anymore but I still seem to see September as a month for new beginnings and creating a fresh start.

Maybe it’s the Indian summer turn the weather always seems to take (doesn’t seem likely this year does it?) or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s been associated with a new ‘year’ everytime I’ve had to head back to school or uni over the years.

Adult life, especially if, like me, you’re new at it, can be tiring and hard. No matter how motivated you were in January, you may have slipped a few notches now we’re in the 9th month of the year (I know, right). That’s not to say though, that you can’t make some changes to make the last quarter of the year even more productive and motivating than the first was.

Here’s how to make september your best month yet. (You got this.)

See an old friend
That old pal who you’ve probably seen about once since the start of the year, find out how they are and catch up. Sometimes the best friends you have are the ones you don’t see all the time and that’s ok, just don’t forget about them!

Write it down
With the world becoming more digital by the day, everyone’s writing things down on their phones and iPads. I personally feel physically writing things down is much more definite and I’m more likely to refer back to it and remember it, meaning it generally makes me more organised. Make lists of the things you want to achieve before the end of the year and the things you want to do. Motivate your life even more with a trip to Paperchase because dreamy stationary is going to make anyone an organised goddess.

Plan something exciting
You might’ve been on your summer holiday for the year but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan something exciting to look forward to. Whether it’s a weekend somewhere or even just a day trip to a different city, having something planned and to look forward to in the coming months just makes life that bit more exciting. Check out Airbnb for some amazing apartments to rent if it’s not already one of your go-to sites for short break accommodation!

Look forward
No matter what’s gone on throughout the year, maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted or you went through a break up, try to look forward into Autumn with a fresh outlook.
Spend the next few months doing things for you and making yourself happy. Don’t feel defeated, there’s always a chance to turn things around and not being so hard on yourself is a good place to start.

Do what YOU want to do
We’re a generation that can pretty much do whatever we want and if not, we can bloody well give it a go. Now’s a good time to be thinking about the types of changes you want to make to your daily life. If you’ve always wanted to make YouTube videos then go and do it, if you want to write a novel then get started, if you hate your job and you don’t know why you’re staying there then get out and don’t give up. Just because we’re heading towards the end of the year don’t get lazy and think you’ll do things differently next year, now is the time!

Have an Autumn-clean
This one is great because it gives you an excuse to go shopping, so there’s that. Sort out ALL your clothes, I mean ALL of them. Summer ones you just didn’t get round to wearing, winter ones you put away in the spring and you know you won’t want to wear this A/W, shoes, bags, jewellery that’s just cluttering up your space just get rid of it. Sell it on Depop or eBay or send it to a charity shop. Having a clear out will clear your head for the rest of the year and make you and your wardrobes feel as fresh as a daisy. You then have permission to head to the shops and indulge in some knitwear and cute winter skirts/shirts to tide you over for the chilly months ahead.

Do you have any September routines which have stuck over the years? Let me know what you thought of this blog post and what you’d like to see more of in the comments below.


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