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A Christmas Gift Guide for HIM!

December 1, 2015

Welcome to my Christmas gift guide for him!

Whether he’s your dad, your brother or your boyfriend, it’s no secret that men can be difficult to buy for… If you don’t fancy getting your dad another pair of socks this Christmas or your boyfriend another bottle of aftershave then keep reading my Christmas gift guide for him!

A Christmas Gift Guide for him

For the man who has everything

Vinyl Me, Please 
If there’s a man in your life who happens to have everything and is also into vinyl records (cool guy), then Vinyl Me, Please could be an amazing gift that they probably haven’t heard of and probably won’t be expecting.

It’s a record club you can sign your dad/brother/boyfriend up to so they receive a different record every month for as long as you want, depending on how generous you’re feeling.

They’ll get a variety of records by different artists and as well as the record, they’ll receive a cocktail recipe picked perfectly to go with the music and an original art print too. It’s a unique gift that keeps on giving and I certainly know a few people who will be receiving this for Christmas now! Luckily my dad still has a record player, so when I recently received the ‘Wilco’ album ‘A.M.’ we were able to experience Vinyl Me, Please for ourselves! And we weren’t disappointed with the alternative/soft rock we heard from the Wilco vinyl. I felt quite cool actually.

Prices start from around £15 per month. Shop here.

Christmas gift guide for him

Christmas gift guide for him

Hari Ghotra Curry Kits
Another great gift for that person who’s difficult to buy for! Maybe your brother has just moved out and is still getting to grips with cooking actual food, these curry kits will go down a treat.

christmas gift guide for him

Hari Ghotra does all the hard work for you by putting together the perfect mix of spices and flavours in little bags which you then just add to your veg/meat/rice combo for a delicious curry.

Christmas gift guide for him

They really are delicious, see the below Korma cooked by ME! You can get a pack of 6 kits for £18 or a pack of 12 for £36 plus you get to pick which curries you want so you can personalise it for your loved ones! Who knew Christmas shopping could be this easy?

Shop here.

Christmas gift guide for him

A weekend away/day out
Sometimes, when people have everything, like… everything, it’s best to get them an experience instead. The deals you can get online these days make it sooo simple to get a bargain. Head to sites like, to find an experience whether it’s a city break or a dinner deal in London, simply trawl the web until you’re satisfied! Sorted.

For the man who’s easily pleased

If the fella in your life is a simple character, they’ll probably appreciate anything. The easily pleased male might like something they want, but wouldn’t necessarily want to spend the money on. 

For example, a lovely male cleansing kit from Elemis, shop here, some swish leather gloves, shop here (P.S. these ones are touch screen for your modern man) or this adorable personalised scarf, shop here.

Something a little different

The poo emoji pillow
I mean, HELLO! What more could a man want? This is bound to make everyone giggle on Christmas morning and is going to make any home look chic… Ok maybe not chic but you’ve got to admit he’s pretty cute! Shop hereChristmas gift guide for him

The invisible book shelves
How cool are these? Again, for someone who’s recently moved into their own place, this will really neaten up a place and create space for more mess but at the same time, look amazing. Shop here

Christmas gift guide for him Christmas gift guide for him

Perfect stocking fillers

Some chocolate Brussels Sprouts 
Because they’re fun and why not? Happy xmas bro.

Christmas gift guide for him

Marmite Chocolate
For that vile creature who is obsessed with marmite.

Christmas gift guide for him

Cheese Jokes
Because think of all the fun you’ll have on Christmas day!

Christmas gift guide for him

So there it is, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guide for him and I hope it gave you a teeny bit of inspiration if you’re struggling with what to get the lovely men in your life!

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