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Hotel Review – Hotel Du Vin, Cambridge

February 1, 2016

Hello and happy February!

I haven’t done a review type blog post yet but as I’ve got a few breaks and trips planned for this year, I thought I’d give it a go and you can let me know if you find them interesting or boring snoring so let’s get going!

Hotel review – Hotel Du Vin

My boyfriend, me and our friends chose to go to Hotel Du Vin in Cambridge for New Year’s Eve this year so we were all in one place, could have a nice dinner and drinks and not have to wait around for taxis at the end of the night. It’s probably been the most adult New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had, gone are the days of spending NYE in a packed club (although that’s still really fun, let’s be honest).

The Hotel Du Vin group is made up of 16 luxury boutique hotels. This is the only one I’ve been to but I must say, it was a little dream…

General decor and feel

The decor is just gorgeous. It’s got an old country vibe but with very chic, modern touches which I loved. It felt like complete luxury and the building is an old town house so it’s very tall with lots of little unexpected doorways and stairs leading to other parts of the hotel which made it feel comfy and cosy.

The rooms were my idea of perfection from the stand alone bath to the luxury coffee machine and snacks!

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

I mean, just look at it.

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Service and dinner

We had dinner in the restaurant which was a bistro. I had scallops to start then a seafood tagliatelle plus lots of prosecco. I can’t fault the food and the restaurant had a really lovely atmosphere. The service at dinner was good and 99% of the staff were helpful and welcoming. (One member of staff down at in the bar was a bit rude/think she was annoyed she was working NYE…)

Because of the building, everything is in sections if that makes sense. So the restaurant was separate to the bar and the dancefloor/New Year countdown area was separate as well. This was fine but it did feel a bit like the New Year’s celebrations weren’t made the most of. I was expecting a New Year’s Eve event to be in an open plan setting with dinner tables and a dancefloor but this building just didn’t allow for that. We spent most of our evening in the bar down in the cellar which was great and we did have a really good time.

Hotel review – Hotel Du Vin – Overview

Overall I would give Hotel Du Vin 4.5 stars. It’s a gorgeous boutique hotel, our rooms were amazing, the food was lovely and we really enjoyed our stay!

Service – 3.5* – That one member of staff let this rating down a bit.

Food – 4* – Yum!

Hotel atmosphere and decor – 5* – Just loved it.

Value for money – 3.5* – Was rather pricey. Eeeek.

Would I go there again?

I personally would as I thought the overall decor and style of the hotel was right up my street. Even though it was pricey, I think for a special occasion it’s worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this little review. Let me know if you did and if you’d like to see more!

Have you ever stayed at this hotel? Do you agree with the ratings I gave it?! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @lizzydrewett


Brighton Travel Guide – My Bank Holiday Weekend

September 4, 2015

A bank holiday weekend is the perfect excuse to get away and take advantage of your extra day off. Last weekend the boyf & I went to Brighton for a short break from Friday-Monday – The excitement was real!

I’ve put together a little Brighton travel guide including all my favourite things we got up to!

I’ve been to Brighton before but not for a good couple of years so I was looking forward to exploring the city and eating at all the restaurants I’d heard about through friends (TripAdvisor).

We drove down after work on the Friday evening and I was honestly expecting hours worth of traffic but we managed to get there in 1 hour 40 minutes which was just the best start to our weekend!

With the weather being so damn unpredictable lately, I pretty much packed twice over – one set of summer clothes and one set of winter clothes. We were so lucky though, Saturday and Sunday were perfect. Bright and warm with no rain.

What we got up to

*Eating features strongly here*

On our first night we ate at Alfresco which is right on the seafront and when you’re inside you actually kind of feel like you’re on a boat #dreams. With the gorgeous views and even more gorgeous Italian food, we were in our element and excited to start off our weekend!

On the Saturday we played crazy golf, went on the Brighton Ferris Wheel, ate crepes on the pier and shopped! We had dinner that night at 24 St George’s Street which was a kind of posh, not massive portions restaurant which was fine for me but not for my 6″3 hungry boyf – kind of expensive for what you got but perfectly yummy.

On Sunday we had a huge breakie at All Bar One, played crazy golf again and shopped some more! During our day we strolled passed Indian Summer and decided to book a table for later that evening and woooowwww are we glad we did. Easily our best meal in Brighton, the menu was unreal, not a Korma in sight (although it’s totally fine if that’s what ya into). The dishes were so different but not in a confusing, offputting way, we wanted to try them all!

After our dinner on Sunday we headed a couple of doors down to Dirty Blonde for some cocktails, I would definitely recommend this place, especially if you’re going with a big group of friends looking for a night out.

On Bank Holiday Monday our luck with the weather changed, but we didn’t mind as we (just me) were slightly hungover and planning to head home that afternoon. We’d tried to go to The Breakfast Club on the Sunday but there was a queue. On Monday the queue was much smaller so we waited and it only took 5 mins. It was pure curiousness which lead us to eat there as I’ve seen people queuing in London before. Now our breakfasts were delish, as were the milkshakes and we had really good service but I still feel like I’m missing something with the queuing up in the rain?? Answers on a postcard please.

brighton travel guide

brighton travel guide

brighton travel guide

brighton travel guide

Things to definitely do in Brighton

Shop – The shops in Brighton are so lovely. If you haven’t been you won’t understand the prettiness of the lanes and streets that you can stroll down for hours. We did so much walking!

Eat – I think I’ve harped on about the restaurants enough so I won’t say any more.

Go on the ferris wheel and pay £2 extra for an alcoholic bevvy! – We chose to pay £2 more and got a wine or beer each, a nice little marquee to sit in while everyone else queued and some fantastic pictures (yes we bought the keyrings and fridge magnets….)

brighton travel guide

So that was my very foody weekend in Brighton, if you visit let me know what you thought of it and let me in on any places I missed!

FYI! – I have ordered the Olympus PEN so no more rubbish pics (seriously, I’m sorry about them) and I should have that by the end of Sept (I wanted the white one and I can’t have it until then, booo)


City Break: Prague

February 19, 2015

A couple of days away on a city break can be the perfect little getaway at any time of year and it can be an amazing gift to a partner or friend. If you tend to save your money for one sunny, beach holiday a year, I’m about to tell you why you should also try and do a little city break if you can!

For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a city break to Prague, (vvv lucky I know & it happened to fall on Valentines Day!) he knows I’m an absolute sucker for a short, exploring holiday and he hadn’t really done one before.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lounging by a pool in the blazing heat as much as the next person but you can’t beat a few days somewhere completely new to just get lost, eat local food and do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Old Town Square

So last week we went to Prague. February is apparently the coldest time to go but we were prepared for it so we had our boots and thermals all packed and ready to take on the icy winds. And they were icy! Bloody freezing in fact! But in a way it made it all part of the experience so we got over it and layered up.
We were staying right by the famous Charles Bridge so for the first few days we stayed around the Old Town square which is just gorgeous. There are restaurants where you can sit outside with patio heaters and BLANKETS! We stopped when it got too cold to explore for a hot choc or a local beer (cocktail in my case).

There are normally horse and carriages in the square in the daytime and it’s where the synagogue is situated which was a nice little visit. The astronomical clock is also in the Old Town square which is really pretty and on the hour little things pop out of it. We also saw a casual wedding going on right under to it, cute.

You can get hot wine and these sweet bread things called Trdelniks which smelt AHH-mazing as we walked past each stall/shop selling them. So we decided to buy one and were thoroughly disappointed! It was just hot bread covered in sugar, if I could use the laughing emoji here I would. We were gutted. The hot wine was delish though!

Just off of the square there are looooads of shops and some more restaurants. If you go one way it becomes like a more modern city and if you go the other way it carries on being oldy, little roads for a while. I loved this about it, one minute you’re in the old town surrounded by gothic architecture then the next you could be in London with H&M and Zara right in front of you!

There is loads to do of an evening as well. One night we found an amazing little tequila bar because who doesn’t love a tequila cocktail? The Buddha Bar is great too, seriously good cocktails, although we did nearly get hustled there… met a ‘lovely’ couple (Hi Chris and Rebecca from Coventry!) were chatting for a few hours at the bar, then she gets ‘ill’ and they do a runner leaving us with their bill! Luckily the bar staff believed us when we said we didn’t know them and we didn’t have to pay it. In your face amateur hustlers.

Then another night we stumbled across this lush little bar called ‘Bar And Books’ (apparently they have one in New York and one in Warsaw too). We weren’t sure whether to take the name of the bar quite literally and think they were going to hand us books as we went in but they didn’t, just a cocktail menu! There was a huge book covered wall and the whole bar was lit 80% by candle light. The cocktail list, might I mention was fantastic. They had everything, ones you made yourself, ones that came with chocolate and they kept bringing over popcorn and olives…Just ideal. (Now to tick the New York one off my list!…)

On one of the days, we booked a segway tour around the city. This is an absolute MUST if you’re going to Prague. It was a private tour so whoever you’re with and one tour guide, which is nicer than being in a big group (they probably wouldn’t do that on segways anyway.) The other side of the Charles Bridge isn’t really a long walk and we did walk it on the other days but with the segway tour you just get further so much quicker and you get to see more in a short space of time. We whizzed around following the tour guide and she would stop at tourist points of interest then tell us a bit about the history of the statue/building. We got to go to Prague Castle, she showed us where parliament was and even the best places to eat. It is the most fun mode of transport by far as well!

This picture makes me die. Such losers hahaha.

As well as exploring, we did a lot of eating. Their local restaurants are so quaint and cute we had to try them out as well as their local dishes like goulash and shnitzels. There are also plenty of lovely italians and cafes, irish pubs and cocktail bars (I haven’t mentioned cocktails yet have I?)

For Valentine’s day we went for dinner by the river at a restaurant called Kampapark which I cannot recommend enough. It was theee most beautiful food and a must-do if you’re in the city!It is such a diverse place and there is so much to do! You can get loads of really good deals on European city breaks now as well. If you fancy something different this year and want to do more than sit on a beach then Prague is the ideal getaway!

Where is your favourite location for a short city break? Are you tempted by Prague now?! Let me know in the comments below, fank yaaa!