Taupe Lips

October 9, 2014

Despite her alleged lip surgery…(Did she? Didn’t she?) KylieJ’s lippy colour is doing wonders for her and is very Autumnal might I add.

A taupe/nude lip is ideal in any situation. It looks good as part of the ‘pretend-natural’ look (where you try really hard to look like you’re wearing barely any make up). It also looks perfect with winged liner or full on eyeballs of gold glitter. Sooo basically every girl’s go to make up looks.

Kylie Jenner – Taupe Lips

As you can see from this pic of KJ looking delish, it also goes with bluey/green hair, who can realistically pull that off?

My personal fave when it comes to a taupe lip has to be Maybelline’s ‘Tantalizing Taupe 725’ It smells lush and it’s a bargain too. What’s not to love.


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