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8 things to remember when you’re lacking self-esteem

October 6, 2017

We all have times when our self-esteem just drops to its lowest out of absolutely nowhere. You could be feeling like the most successful and bad ass version of yourself then the next thing you know, you’re telling yourself you’re fat and ugly and are never going to achieve your goals. It can be a vicious cycle and sometimes there’s no reason for feeling like this, you might just need a little boost to remind yourself of how amazing you really are.

Here are 8 things to remember when feeling like your sassy self is a struggle.

1. Changing room and bathroom lighting is almost NEVER flattering and it tends to highlight your least favourite things (thanks for reminding me about my cellulite Zara). Luckily, you’re the only one who even notices these things and I promise they don’t look as bad as you think they do.

2. Telling yourself you look like shit all the time will certainly make you feel that way, even if in reality you’re having a really good skin/hair/outfit day. Try and live by this rule – don’t say something to yourself if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend.

3. Feeling a little low is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself. Take proper time out to get your nails done, get a tan, get a wax, do a face mask and a hair mask and just indulge in looking after YOU! You will literally feel like a new woman who can take on anything.

4. Stop asking yourself why you don’t look like all those girls on your Instagram explore page! Remember, a lot of what you see is super edited and even if it’s not, it’s totally unhealthy to compare yourself to someone when, just because you may be different, doesn’t mean you’re any less amazing. Oh and that’s not perfect skin, that’s the blur tool honey!

5. Just the same way telling yourself you’re ugly and useless all the time will make you believe it, telling yourself you’re bloody brilliant and focusing on your qualities will actually help you to believe in yourself. Changing your attitude will definitely encourage more positive thoughts so fake it till you make it sista.

6. Write down a list of 10 things you’re good at or things that are positive about you then re-read them the next time you’re having a meltdown. This can be anything from ‘I’m thoughtful and caring.’ to ‘I look hot in that LBD.’

7. Nothing makes you feel more motivated and strong AF than a coffee and some exercise. Get yourself buzzing with energy and keep your mind busy with a run or an intense gym class. You’ll come out feeling powerful and will forget you ever felt crap.

8. Remember things that make you feel your best. Maybe it’s that extra hydrating moisturiser that keeps your skin feeling plump and glowy, maybe it’s when you nail your winged liner, whatever it is… do more of that!

Let goooo! If there is something causing you to feel rubbish then you need to let go of it. Sometimes you just have to decide you’re not going to let something affect you. It is in your power to choose to not let things bother you and it feels SO good!

We’ve all had phases where we lack self-esteem and don’t feel good enough but just know that you’ll come out the other side feeling stronger and more positive once you’ve stopped being so hard on yourself. Take control of your feelings you super human!

Life and lists

Girls, it’s time to rethink your Time of The Month!

April 27, 2016

If you’ve been reading any of the articles that I’ve been reading recently, then you may have heard a few surprising things about the products that we buy for our ‘time of the month’. From reports about trusted tampon brands, to what these products are actually made of and what’s added to them. It’s all a little bit worrying…

Alongside these scary articles, you may have also stumbled upon a brand called Time of The Month

If you don’t already know much about them then it’s time you did!

Time of The Month

To start off simply, Time of The Month sell only organic, 100% cotton sanitary products. They’re conscious of the environment and how sanitary products can affect it (more on this below) and just as importantly, they’re conscious about the health of their customers!

So it’s time to educate ourselves on the sanitary products we use. I had never thought of any of this before I discovered TOTM but I’m so glad I did as I’ve realised just how important it is!

Non-organic tampons are made of ‘Rayon’ which is made from wood pulp. The Rayon is then bleached with chlorine (yes, you read that right) and sometimes more chemicals are added to the product to make it more absorbent and scented. Really? Unfortunately, yes.

The chlorine bleaching process used to manufacture conventional sanitary products is also known to create dioxins. The World Health Organisation states that “Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.”

I’m really not trying to scare you girls, I was as shocked as you when I first read about this. The good thing is, organic, 100% cotton tampons and sanitary products from brands like TOTM literally cannot harm you and using them means you’ll avoid horrible pesticides, herbicides and insecticides which are used in the growing of non-organic materials.

Since we use between 11,000 and 17,000 sanitary products in our life time, switching to 100% organic is SO worth it.

time of the month

Time of The Month products are:

  • Made from non-GM organic cotton
  • 100% free from pesticides, chemical fertilisers, perfume and chlorine bleach
  • 100% hypoallergenic and compatible with your bodies natural PH
  • TOTM tampons won’t leave any fibres behind (thanks to the non-woven veil that protects the absorbent core).Time of The Month

Below is a scary image you may have already seen on social media which shows just how much bleached, chemical ridden fluff (?) tampons can leave behind. Luckily for us, TOTM tampons leave  nada and the materials used are much, much kinder in the first place.

time of the month

Now let’s talk about the environment and how sanitary products are affecting it.

So the Rayon used in conventional sanitary products is a man made fibre created from cellulose wood pulp (huh?) Lemme explain… basically, to get the product, quite a few trees are chopped down and half of the tree is wasted during this process.

Most sanitary pads are made from synthetic materials like polypropylene and these are not biodegradable. Ew. Sanitary pads can also contain the same amount of plastic as 4, yes FOUR carrier bags. That realllllly bothers me seeing as I hate buying even one wasteful 5p carrier bag when I’ve forgotten my own bags!!

Anyway, these products aren’t biodegradable and they can hang around the planet for legit years. Plastic tampon applicators are also a bloody nightmare as they can take 25 years to break down into the sea, which means in the meantime, marine wildlife are eating them thinking they’re food and dying.

This is just all too stressful to process isn’t it?

Time of The Month

Thankfully, this blog post comes with a solution – TOTM!

  • They would NEVER use chemically treated wood pulp – it’s a process that wastes 50% of the tree.
  • They only use 100% non-GM, certified organic cotton grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
  • Their products are manufactured in Europe and all the people involved in making our products are paid fairly and well looked after.
  • Their products are free from chlorine bleach.
  • Because TOTM products are made from organic cotton, and because they love wildlife and HATE plastic waste, their tampons come with a cardboard applicator and are 100% biodegradable. Phew.

Want to know more? Just head to the Time of The Month website where you can order products to arrive conveniently every month!

Spread the word to gal pals and loved ones by sharing this post on social media.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I really do care about the health of us girls and the environment!


Clean and Easy PZ – Guilt Free Snacks Review!

April 18, 2016

So since I’ve been going to the gym a lot more this year (yay!), I’ve been looking for quick but also super healthy snacks, as I’m an absolute snackaholic. I can be the healthiest person ever with breakfast, lunch and dinner but if I get peckish in between, chances are I’m heading straight for the KitKats…. So when Clean & easy PZ tweeted back to me expressing my hate for burpees, I knew I had to try their guilt free treats!

Clean and Easy PZ Review

On the Clean and Easy PZ website, you can get a variety of handmade, homemade snacks with no artifical ingredients!

I tried ‘Phil’s Fruit and Nut Bars’ and the ‘P-Nut Bars’ and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were! If you’ve ever tried any snack bars that are actually healthy with no refined sugar or artificial ingredients, then you’ll probably agree that they’re pretty gross. I occasionally eat the ‘Nak’d’ bars but I only do when I really, really don’t want to be unhealthy but I want something kind of like chocolate… I definitely don’t love them though! The Clean and Easy PZ bars are like a breath of fresh air in comparison. They taste like you’re being naughty but really all that’s in them is organic ingredients including nuts, fruit, almond butter and not much more!

The Fruit and Nut Bars are described as ‘An organic fruit and nut bar containing a mix of superfoods, dried fruits and a mix of nuts plus a little bit of organic dark chocolate.’ and I must say, these were my favourites out of the two! They’re filled with goji berries, nuts, dark chocolate and are all combined with almond butter!

The P-Nut Bars are also organic and similar to the Fruit and Nut Bars but have chunkier, crunchier peanuts in them! Also V YUM!!


The Clean and Easy PZ blog is also well worth checking out as they have some amazing recipes you can try out at home! I’m planning on trying to make the gluten free brownies so I will let you know how those go!

If you’re looking for genuinely healthy but quick and tasty AF snacks then I can’t recommend Clean and Easy PZ enough, let me know if you try them!

Note: While Clean and Easy PZ were kind enough to send me these bars to try, this is not a sponsored post and all thoughts are my own!


Life and lists

My February Favourites – Lifestyle, blogger & beauty

March 8, 2016

Ummmmm, is it me or did February literally fly past before we even had a chance to realise it was February? I had quite an exciting month actually, what with Ellis’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and my Mummy’s birthday! Anyway, I’m ok with it being March because NYC in FIVE DAYS! Read on for my February favourites!

February Favourites – Lifestyle, blogger & beauty

Smith’s Wapping
My first favourite of last month was dinner at Smith’s in Wapping. I’ve been to the one in Ongar and this one a few years ago, so for Ellis’s birthday I decided to take him to the one in Wapping. If you’re a fish lover then Smith’s is an absolute must. The one in Wapping is lovely for more special occasions because it’s right on the river and the view is juuuuust beaut. We had the yummiest dinner before meeting some pals at The Shard. Dreamy.

Origins Rose Clay Mask
Since I love the Origins Charcoal mask so much, I thought it was time I tried the cute pink rose clay one. I popped into John Lewis with a gal pal and got a little sample to try which has actually already lasted me about 3 uses and there’s still some left. Verdict – I love it. I like the feeling of it setting and drying on my face because it feels like it’s really working and my skin is starting to feel clearer after a few uses.

Annie Jaffrey – eating less meat
I love finding new bloggers/YouTubers and I recently discovered Annie Jaffrey. She’s Swedish but I think she lives in Switzerland and aside from the fact that she’s gorge, she eats a plant based diet and her foodie/health videos are my favourite! As some of you might know from this now rather old blog post, I’ve tried to cut down my meat consumption over the last year 1 because I LOVE ANIMALS, 2 for the environment and 3 I just don’t really like it that much anymore. Watching Annie’s ‘What I ate today’ videos have only encouraged me to create more yummy things without meat and it’s been going pretty well.

Never Fully Dressed Khaki Dress
I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it on Never Fully Dressed’s Instagram then when I tried to buy it, it was sold out and I wanted it for Ellis’s birthday and I wasn’t sure if it was going to arrive in time but thankfully it did. It’s just such a good dress for when you want to be dressed up but don’t want anything too OTT or revealing.

Kiehl’s face oil
What can I say about this face oil? Basically, it smells so good it helps you sleep and makes you feel so relaxed before bed, your skin instantly feels nourished and hydrated and I wouldn’t even bother trying any other face oil because it’s honestly out of this world.

February Favourites

So they were my February favourites. Quite a short list this month but I’ve just been so looking forward to March and trying (and failing) to save money because in case you missed it, I’m going to NYC in 5 days!!! 

What were your favourites throughout February? I would loveeeee to know!


Rosie for Autograph Make Up Review

March 2, 2016

If you know me, you’ll know Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is my absolute dream woman, style idol and everything goalsShe always looks great and is just so effortlessly chic isn’t she? I have a few things from her M&S lingerie and nightwear range which I love, but when I heard she had created a make up line, the excitement was on a-whole-nother level. I instantly imagined dusty pink lipsticks, rose toned blush’s and subtle bronze shades, all of which I was delighted to discover when I went in store. Read on for my Rosie for Autograph make up review!

Rosie for Autograph Make Up Review

I had told myself that I was going to buy only 2 items as I’m supposed to be on a make up ban because I’m going to New York in…oh wait…11days!!! Anyway, I tried to whittle it down, I really did, but I came out with 5 items. Ooops/YUM!

I picked up the brow pencil in ‘Natural Brow 1’, eyeshadow palette in ‘I Feel Like A Million Dollars’, a lipstick in ‘Silk Cami’ and a lipstick in ‘Dolly Baby’, the miracle concealer in shade 1 and I also got a gold make up bag free because I bought 2 or more pieces which was a lovely little touch.

The lipsticks – Dolly Baby & Silk Cami

I have already planned which lipsticks I’m going to go back and buy (aka all of them) as I love these two so much already. The colours are shades I’ve not seen anywhere else and Dolly Baby is becoming my daily go-to-your-lips-but-better pink. Silk Cami is a browny/nudey/camel shade which I probably wouldn’t have normally gone for but it’s actually quite a nice subtle shade against my natural lip colour meaning it doesn’t look too dramatic. Love. Rosie for Autograph Make Up Review

Rosie for Autograph Make Up Review

The eyeshadow palette

This adorbs little quad is full of the colours I use day to day on my eyes. The peachy toned golds are perfect for a bronze smokey eye or I sometimes use the lightest shade just on it’s own. The little white highlight shade makes your inner corners pop and your brow bones glisten….yum. And as much as I’d love to take my Morphe 35W palette around with me, this little guy is the ideal size for your handbag.

Rosie for Autograph Make Up Review

The miracle concealer

I loved the concealer as soon as I swatched the tester onto my hand. It’s super creamy and satiny and I love the packaging and twist up mechanism. It’s a great under eye colour and for hiding any redness.

Rosie for Autograph Make Up Review

The brow pencil

The pencil in shade natural 1 is an amazing colour for my skin and hair colour. The thick spoolie just makes life that bit easier and who doesn’t love combing their brows to perfection? I’ve been using this every single day.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I loveee all of these products and can’t wait to get a few more bits from the collection. The price point is a good mid range between the high street and high end and the quality is definitely towards the high end so it’s worth what you pay!

Rosie for Autograph Make Up ReviewRosie for Autograph Make Up Review

In these pics I’m wearing all the above products (except Silk Cami because wearing two different coloured lipsticks at the same time would be silly!)

Rosie for Autograph Make Up ReviewRosie for Autograph Make Up Review

I hope you enjoyed my Rosie for Autograph make up review, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think of them!

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WIN an Olympus PEN E-PL7 with The Photography Show!

February 9, 2016

Calling all fellow bloggers!

Fancy the chance to win an Olympus PEN E-PL7? Wellll lemme tell you how you could bag yourself one plus other Olympus goodies!

The Photography Show which will be held at the NEC, Birmingham from 19th-22nd March, are holding an exciting competition to share your own images of a day in the life of you, the blogger!

WIN an Olympus PEN E-PL7 

WIN an Olympus PEN E-PL7

Blogger’s Day in the Life, in association with Olympus –

To enter you have to submit up to 3 photos which capture your daily life as a blogger. Categories for the competition include travel, fashion, food and lifestyle so there’s plenty of room to be creative with your entries and really capture what you get up to! 

The panel of judges (including Fashion Photographer, Harleymoon Kemp) will shortlist one image from each category then the winner will be voted for by the public and announced at The Photography Show.

Those who are shortlisted will be announced across The Photography Show’s social media channels and will receive 2 tickets to the show, entry to an exclusive Blogger’s Masterclass and have their images displayed in the show gallery for 30,000 visitors to see.

The lucky winner will receive all of the above plus a bundle of Olympus goodies, including bloggers favourite – Olympus PEN E-PL7!

Entries must be submitted by midnight on 12 February – so what are you waiting for!

You can find out more about the competition and how to submit your entry HERE 

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?! Time to get my bloggy photography skills into practice!

WIN an Olympus PEN E-PL7

Let me know if you enter, would love to see some entries!

Good Luck!

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My January Favourites – Beauty and lifestyle bits

February 7, 2016

I thought it would be a good idea to start doing my monthly favourites. I have so many products, make up bits and general life things that I love each month and always plan to blog about so I thought why not put them all into one post per month. Keep reading for my January favourites!

My January favourites

January Favourites

Olympus PEN E-PL7
Of course my first January favourite has got to be my new Olympus PEN E-PL7. I ordered this camera a couple of months ago but annoyingly it wasn’t in stock even though the website allowed me to order it. I ended up getting one for Christmas which was just the best surprise on Christmas morning. Other than the fact that it looks absolutely gorgeous, it takes the best photos and I’m not even a pro at using it yet. LOVE.
January favourites

Clarisonic Aria
Your. face. needs. this. My skin has honestly never felt as clean as it does when I’ve cleansed with this. I have quite sensitive skin but it’s so gentle and just buffs the skin. It has 3 different speeds and also has a timer so it beeps when you’re meant to move onto the next section of your face so I do 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 seconds on my forehead and 20 seconds on my T-zone. It came with a cleanser which is a gel and it really foams up so you feel super cleansed. I’ve read other bloggers say that the longer you use it, the more you really notice a difference in your complexion so I am sticking with this magical tool!
January favourites

Red Carpet Gel Manicure Kit
I didn’t know doing my own gels would be this easy. My manicures have been lasting for 2, even 3 weeks with this kit and it’s just made life so much easier knowing my nails will look perfect for that length of time! My Red Carpet kit came with everything you need to prep your nails and keep them in good condition as well as what you need to remove the gel when you fancy a change or they’ve grown out.
January favourites

Exercise & FLEXISEQ Sport
Ahemmm. This is something I never could have guessed would be in my favourites…especially in January when all I usually want to do is stay inside. As you may know from my 2016 updates blog post, I decided to start personal training sessions this year. I’ve always exercised on and off but my goal at the beginning of the year was to be more consistent with it. I forgot how amazing exercise makes you feel! I’m stronger already (yeah, I can open my water bottle without help now) and I just don’t know why I ever stopped working out.
I’ve also been loving this FLEXISEQ Sport gel to use after my workouts. I’m working muscles I’ve never used before so if I’ve got a strange muscular ache in my back/shoulder/legs, this stuff really helps to loosen and soothe it. And foam rollers are the devil sooo I’m pretty thankful for this stuff!
January favourites

Tarte make up set – Amazonian Clay
I love everything about these products and they’re such good quality. The eyeshadows and blush are so pigmented and in colours I use ALL the time, the brushes are the perfect size and texture and the mascara gives you those fluffy VS style lashes. The amazonian clay powder foundation feels gorgeous on the skin but I do prefer a liquid base so I’ve been using it as a powder over my normal foundation.
January favourites

This is in my January favourites because Ellis and I booked our summer holiday a few weeks ago, yipppeeeee! We’ll be heading to Rhodes, Greece for 11 nights in July and I’m already dreaming of how pretty it will be. AND hummus. YUM.

Bondi Sands Everyday
This gradual tanning moisturiser smells lush and gives you an even, brown finish rather than an orange tint. It also fades evenly and hasn’t once gone patchy since I’ve been using it. I really think I’ll use this forever and ever.
January favourites

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation
I tried this foundation about a year ago but I got the wrong colour so I just gave up with it. My friend Becca swears by it so I thought I’d give it another go and I’m so glad I did! Now I’ve got the right colour I can really appreciate the texture and consistency and it really does stay put once it’s on. I rate this foundation SO highly and I never really rate foundations. I’ve never got on with Mac foundations and have found other high end foundations distinctly average so if you haven’t tried this, for around £14.50, it’s well worth a try.
January favourites

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray
This has honestly changed how my make up stays on. Recently my make up has been staying in place so much longer. You know when you’re at work and you look in the mirror at about 3pm and you’re like…I could’ve sworn I put make up on this morning?! Well this little dream has been keeping my foundation in place, the pigment of my blush, bronzer strong and I still look put together by the end of the day.
January favourites
So they were my January favourites and I hope you enjoyed. I’ve already started making notes for my February favourites and we’re only a week into Feb!Did any of these things make your favourites for the beginning of 2016?! Let me know in the comments below!


Hotel Review – Hotel Du Vin, Cambridge

February 1, 2016

Hello and happy February!

I haven’t done a review type blog post yet but as I’ve got a few breaks and trips planned for this year, I thought I’d give it a go and you can let me know if you find them interesting or boring snoring so let’s get going!

Hotel review – Hotel Du Vin

My boyfriend, me and our friends chose to go to Hotel Du Vin in Cambridge for New Year’s Eve this year so we were all in one place, could have a nice dinner and drinks and not have to wait around for taxis at the end of the night. It’s probably been the most adult New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had, gone are the days of spending NYE in a packed club (although that’s still really fun, let’s be honest).

The Hotel Du Vin group is made up of 16 luxury boutique hotels. This is the only one I’ve been to but I must say, it was a little dream…

General decor and feel

The decor is just gorgeous. It’s got an old country vibe but with very chic, modern touches which I loved. It felt like complete luxury and the building is an old town house so it’s very tall with lots of little unexpected doorways and stairs leading to other parts of the hotel which made it feel comfy and cosy.

The rooms were my idea of perfection from the stand alone bath to the luxury coffee machine and snacks!

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

I mean, just look at it.

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Hotel review - Hotel Du Vin

Service and dinner

We had dinner in the restaurant which was a bistro. I had scallops to start then a seafood tagliatelle plus lots of prosecco. I can’t fault the food and the restaurant had a really lovely atmosphere. The service at dinner was good and 99% of the staff were helpful and welcoming. (One member of staff down at in the bar was a bit rude/think she was annoyed she was working NYE…)

Because of the building, everything is in sections if that makes sense. So the restaurant was separate to the bar and the dancefloor/New Year countdown area was separate as well. This was fine but it did feel a bit like the New Year’s celebrations weren’t made the most of. I was expecting a New Year’s Eve event to be in an open plan setting with dinner tables and a dancefloor but this building just didn’t allow for that. We spent most of our evening in the bar down in the cellar which was great and we did have a really good time.

Hotel review – Hotel Du Vin – Overview

Overall I would give Hotel Du Vin 4.5 stars. It’s a gorgeous boutique hotel, our rooms were amazing, the food was lovely and we really enjoyed our stay!

Service – 3.5* – That one member of staff let this rating down a bit.

Food – 4* – Yum!

Hotel atmosphere and decor – 5* – Just loved it.

Value for money – 3.5* – Was rather pricey. Eeeek.

Would I go there again?

I personally would as I thought the overall decor and style of the hotel was right up my street. Even though it was pricey, I think for a special occasion it’s worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this little review. Let me know if you did and if you’d like to see more!

Have you ever stayed at this hotel? Do you agree with the ratings I gave it?! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @lizzydrewett

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2016 update – a few goals

January 20, 2016

I know, I know, we’re 3 weeks into 2016 and I’m only just saying Happy New Year and giving you a 2016 update….doh. BUT I did get struck down with the flu a week into the year, then as soon as I was better it was all go go go again. PHEW.

I had honestly forgotten how horrible the flu was, I hadn’t had it in a good few years and then it just hit me like an absolute ton of bricks after having a sore throat for, oh, about 2 hours. Next thing I knew I was in bed wrapped up shivering and sweating at the same time. Ew. So after almost a week doing zilch and eating nothing but mushed up dinner and Mumma’s soup I started to feel better and here I am, back to full health!

Anyway, I thought it was time for a bit of a ‘hello 2016’ blog post. So what better way to do it than to tell you a couple of my goals for the year ahead…

P.s. I’m actually already really liking 2016, I don’t know what it is but I’ve got a really positive little elf on my shoulder this year.

2016 update – goals

I think it’s really important to set yourself small goals rather than ridiculous ones for the whole year. Mine tend to be for the up coming months and I set myself deadlines on things otherwise I’ll just think ‘Oh I’ve got until December to do this, I’ll just leave it…’

Goal 1 – Get fit so you can actually run without nearly dying by June

I set this one every year and I never manage it. I stick to the exercise classes I know I like, (uhum body balance and yoga) and don’t really venture out. I want exercising to be fun and when I do it I enjoy it but it’s just too easy not to do. Luckily, this year is different. I’ve gone and got myself a personal trainer so I’m half way there! I had my first session last night, naturally I went dizzy and had to take a breather but that’s what it’s all about, progress and getting better. For someone who only ever does yoga, it might take a while but I will be stronger, fitter and more confident in the coming months, hoorah. Let me know if you’re interested in my PT sessions and I’ll blog about them as I have them, warning, you will get to laugh at how unfit I am as I’ll probably nearly pass out after every session.

Goal 2 – Write more

Um, sorry how much do I talk about blogging more? SORRY. It’s more like, ‘stop wasting time watching Netflix/napping when you get in from work and blog’ So yeahhh, 2 posts a week, wish me luck…

Goal 3 – Prepare your food rather than giving away all your money to Costa at lunch time

Fairly simple really, buy the ingredients then make up lunches for the week so I don’t end up having a cheese toastie per day instead.

Goal 4 – Read a book every month/6 weeks

I started the year half way through a book so I’m giving myself until the end of January to finish that then I’m going to start a new one. The amount of time I spend scrolling through instagram really could be put to a better use!

Another mini little goal which I’m carrying on from last year is to continue to drink lotsa water, last year I was drinking between 1-2 litres a day, this year I want to be drinking between 2-3L a day! Bring on the good skin, feeling energised and other stuff that comes with being super hydrated. Obviously I’ve got a couple of other cringe ones about being happier and more positive but doesn’t everyone do that every year?!

So anyway, there you have it, my goals for 2016… 3 weeks into the year.

How are your resolutions going?! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @lizzydrewett.

2016 update


A couple of smoking hot outfits for NYE

December 29, 2015

Well hello and I hope you all had THE BEST Christmas. I had a wonderfully drunk/fat/spoilt few days and now I’m kind of ready to start 2016? Anyway, whatever your plans, here are a few outfits for NYE if you haven’t already got yours sorted!

Outfits for NYE

A crochet/lace number
outfits for nye

An LBD can solve all your NYE nightmares if you’re struggling to find a dress you love. When I originally ordered this dress I thought it was going to be lace and was worried it would look cheap but when it arrived it’s actually a much heavier, nicer quality crochet material and it was only £25 from misspap so you can’t go wrong! I got so many compliments on it the night I wore it even though I thought it was a slightly boring, safe option. I think if you’re going to a party or even just for dinner, team it with some gold accessories and you’re good to go!

Something with a little extra…
outfits for nyeoutfits for nye

Who doesn’t love a sequin or a tassle?! They’re just perfect for NYE to add that extra something to your outfit. I love both of these dresses, I originally ordered the cream tassle one for NYE but then saw the long sequin one and have also ordered that… oops.They’re both perfect for my NYE plans so wish me luck making a decision!

A more casual look
If you’re going to a house party or are just relaxing at home with friends, you may not want to go as mad with the floor length dresses etc. Something more comfy and caj like a skirt and top combo or a jumpsuit will go down a treat.
outfits for nyeoutfits for nye

I love this top teamed with either leather trousers or a leather skirt. It’s perfect for a more chilled evening but still dressy enough for NYE. This jumpsuit is a great in between. If you still want to be dressed up but don’t want to go to town on the glitter, then this chic number could be your best bet.

Strappy, barely there heels have literally taken over 2015 and I’m more than happy for them to join us in 2016. These three pairs are from Public Desire and some of them are in the sale so that’s ideal.
outfits for nyeoutfits for nyeoutfits for nye

A gold or metallic court heel is also just what you want for NYE. These little beauts are Carvela and are also in the sale… you’re welcome.

outfits for nye

WELL I hope that helped you out with outfits for NYE…if you do want any of these bits, it’s probs best to order today like I did so you receive them in time for New Year’s! What will you be doing to welcome in the new year? Let me know in the comments below!