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June 15, 2015


I feel like I’ve been miles away from the blogging world lately so I thought, it’s Monday night, I should really be at the gym but Legally Blonde 2 is on so… it’s probably time I did a little update post.

Other than the fact that I’m still fairly new to my job, work has been a bit crazy at the moment! There are a few changes happening in the office which means I’ve been busier than ever (and I’m still only in my 8th week!) It’s all good though and everyone’s lovely, plus who wants a job that isn’t busy busy busy?

I’ve been writing a lot of blogs for the company I work for so, even though I love my personal blog and have been working on it behind the scenes (more on this below), I may have been a bit preoccupied with works.

I then decided to give the whole blog a makeover which has taken way longer and been way more frustrating than I expected. (I’m still perfecting bits and pieces, I’m sure you can tell!)

The next barrier keeping me from bringing you guys a beautiful site with great content is the fact that I’m on the hunt for a new camera. Now I’m not a massive camery person and I don’t want to spend both arms and legs on one, but I do want one which can help me create pretty images to go with my posts which I will be doing every single week as of now. (Keep your eye out for ‘Summer must-haves’ V soon!)

Staying along the lines of the new camera… I’ve been looking at this Canon and this Panasonic so if anyone has either and wants to help a gal out then that’d be much appreciated.

I hope that’s made you feel a little more in the loop anyway. If you have any ideas for posts or if you just want to say hello drop me a message in the little contact box below. Oh yeah and some camera advice would be ideal please and thanks!




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