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6 Secrets On How To Beat The Post Christmas Chub!

January 5, 2015

Let’s be honest, when things start feeling Christmassy (hmm around about the 1st December then…) we tend to allow ourselves to indulge a little more than usual. The quality street and reindeer shaped shortbread appear in the office and all of a sudden you aren’t as fussed as you were a month ago about getting that VS model body…

Now January is here and it’s the time to jump back on the healthy eating horse! Here are 6 secrets on how to beat that post xmas chubbba!!

1. There is NO SECRET.
Everyone thinks there is this big secret for losing weight with meal replacements, strange ‘skinny’ teas, etc but these things could potentially be doing more harm than good. The first secret is that there is no secret! If you’ve over indulged over the festive period the only way, and the healthiest way for you to budge a few pounds is to 1. Eat more healthily and 2. Move more. It really is as simple as that, it just depends how motivated you are and how you go about it.

2. Balance
Instead of being really hard on yourself and becoming obsessive about it, ease yourself into it and allow yourself treats when you’ve done well. By treats I don’t mean a whole box of maltesers, try and think of healthy alternatives e.g. a few squares of dark chocolate, home made frozen yoghurt (I will post the recipe for this!) or treat yourself in another way with those new shoes you’ve been eyeing up. If you’ve had someone’s birthday weekend and you’ve overdone it with alcohol and hangover food then know that on Monday you need to go to the gym after work, eat well all week and maybe take it easy next weekend. You can still do the things you love as long as you keep it balanced.

3. Make healthy changes
By making small changes here and there, healthy eating will become much easier and you might find yourself enjoying it! You can start anywhere, begin drinking peppermint or green tea instead of your normal sugar filled cuppa, or even just cut the sugar out of your normal cup! Basically, it doesn’t have to be torture. If you really fancy a curry, make a homemade one with brown rice, if you’re craving a pizza use wholewheat tortilla wraps as the base or make your own cauliflower crust base. If you can’t live without your hot chocolate use cacao and almond milk with added vanilla! There are so many recipe alternatives out there meaning you can still eat the things you love.

4. Eat FOOD not things that aren’t actually food (If that makes sense)
In Cameron Diaz’s ‘Body Book’ she talks a lot about how, what we eat today isn’t actually food, and by that she means that it isn’t ‘whole’, it has been so modified that it isn’t really food anymore. (I highly recommend you read the book btw!) And I guess she’s right. We don’t really know what’s in our takeaways, our ready meals or any other pre-packed foods. So many unnecessary products have been added by the time it reaches our plates that the ingredients list is about 300 things long! Not good. Try to eat foods that are whole, if you can tell that it’s fresh from the ground or the ingredients list is short and you’ve heard of everything on it then it will be way better for you. Also watch out for things which appear to be healthy with LOADS of added sugar. Most of the time if it’s ‘low fat’ they’ve had to make up for the taste of it with sugar so be aware!

5. Find inspiration
Instagram is full of healthy eating and fitness accounts that are the best thing to motivate you, whether it’s with quotes, recipes or videos, if you follow them they will come up on your feed daily and you won’t be able to avoid all things health. There are so many that post healthy recipes and workouts there really is no excuse! A few of my favourites are: simplegreensmoothies, deliciouslyella, madeleine_shaw_, soniatlevfitness, resultswithlucy and coconuts.and.cardio. If you don’t use instagram there are also a lot of online blogs, Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw are my absolute faves for nutritious recipes.

6. Move more
You don’t have to do a whole Victoria’s Secret model workout to move more, you also don’t have to join a gym! Sounds less scary now doesn’t it? If you want to start running but hate it, start by walking, take the dog out more and walk a little quicker then build up into a slow run. It will take you a while to get better but as long as you stick at it there’s no reason why you can’t.
If you hate gyms, a lot of gyms have an excellent range of classes which are done out of the gym in a studio and are more fun and motivating. If you don’t even want to step foot in a gym the nike training app is free and lets you challenge yourself from the comfort of your own home. It has daily workouts which include anything you choose, from circuits, to running, to yoga. If you need more motivation, Results With Lucy gives you the whole package. With different training programmes each one is a different price but there really is a bit of everything. You can also purchase meal plans to save you the stress of writing your own shopping list, and who doesn’t want a body like Lucy Meck…!

See, It’s not as hard as you think. Don’t give in to the money making fads, stick to real, whole foods and get moving and you can have the bod of your dreams as long as you live a healthy balanced life!
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