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12 Things All Girls Battle With Themselves About On A Daily Basis

October 28, 2014

1. Why is chocolate so much nicer to snack on than nuts and seeds?

2. Why is it a constant battle between saving money to travel and wanting to buy every handbag on the Selfridges website? We know ‘travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’ buttttt Mulberry.

3. Why are we so good at giving our friends advice but so bad at taking it ourselves?

4. Why is it so much harder to eat healthily when you’re reaallllly happy?

5. Why don’t we sound like Ariana Grande when we sing her songs?

6. Why can’t we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner out everyday? Preferably up The Shard.

7. Why do people share upsetting things on Facebook? We know it’s to raise awareness but reading about someone harming a puppy just makes us cry. A lot.

8. How come one minute you’re ready to change your life/the world/become Beyoncé then the next all you want to do is sleep?

9. Why are fit boys in bands/the Beckham boys getting younger and less acceptable to fancy as we get older?

10. Why do some boys instantly think you’re in love with them just because you respect yourself enough not to take their shit?

11. How come we’re STILL not in a girl band with our friends?

12. Battling between working hard for a VS model body or allowing yourself to eat dominoes at least once a week. The strugg is real.

I could’ve gone way past 12 things with these… What did you think of them? Feel free to add any you think I missed in the comments below. Thank ya thank ya.

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  • Reply Rdrewster October 29, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Being well dressed, good hair & makeup, looking good all over but cant tidy your bedrooms..

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