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8 things to remember when you’re lacking self-esteem

October 6, 2017

We all have times when our self-esteem just drops to its lowest out of absolutely nowhere. You could be feeling like the most successful and bad ass version of yourself then the next thing you know, you’re telling yourself you’re fat and ugly and are never going to achieve your goals. It can be a vicious cycle and sometimes there’s no reason for feeling like this, you might just need a little boost to remind yourself of how amazing you really are.

Here are 8 things to remember when feeling like your sassy self is a struggle.

1. Changing room and bathroom lighting is almost NEVER flattering and it tends to highlight your least favourite things (thanks for reminding me about my cellulite Zara). Luckily, you’re the only one who even notices these things and I promise they don’t look as bad as you think they do.

2. Telling yourself you look like shit all the time will certainly make you feel that way, even if in reality you’re having a really good skin/hair/outfit day. Try and live by this rule – don’t say something to yourself if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend.

3. Feeling a little low is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself. Take proper time out to get your nails done, get a tan, get a wax, do a face mask and a hair mask and just indulge in looking after YOU! You will literally feel like a new woman who can take on anything.

4. Stop asking yourself why you don’t look like all those girls on your Instagram explore page! Remember, a lot of what you see is super edited and even if it’s not, it’s totally unhealthy to compare yourself to someone when, just because you may be different, doesn’t mean you’re any less amazing. Oh and that’s not perfect skin, that’s the blur tool honey!

5. Just the same way telling yourself you’re ugly and useless all the time will make you believe it, telling yourself you’re bloody brilliant and focusing on your qualities will actually help you to believe in yourself. Changing your attitude will definitely encourage more positive thoughts so fake it till you make it sista.

6. Write down a list of 10 things you’re good at or things that are positive about you then re-read them the next time you’re having a meltdown. This can be anything from ‘I’m thoughtful and caring.’ to ‘I look hot in that LBD.’

7. Nothing makes you feel more motivated and strong AF than a coffee and some exercise. Get yourself buzzing with energy and keep your mind busy with a run or an intense gym class. You’ll come out feeling powerful and will forget you ever felt crap.

8. Remember things that make you feel your best. Maybe it’s that extra hydrating moisturiser that keeps your skin feeling plump and glowy, maybe it’s when you nail your winged liner, whatever it is… do more of that!

Let goooo! If there is something causing you to feel rubbish then you need to let go of it. Sometimes you just have to decide you’re not going to let something affect you. It is in your power to choose to not let things bother you and it feels SO good!

We’ve all had phases where we lack self-esteem and don’t feel good enough but just know that you’ll come out the other side feeling stronger and more positive once you’ve stopped being so hard on yourself. Take control of your feelings you super human!

Life and lists

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Life and lists

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